• We are interpreters of culture, guides through the media landscape and providers of means to achieve influence

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    Who We Are

    Envoy Strategy Group is a specialized strategic and tactical advisory firm based in Washington D.C.  We are a firm driven by front-line issues and built to take on complex, difficult and high stakes assignments.   As a result, much of our work covers the prolific events, crossroads moments and turning points faced — times when it matters most and a steady team with experience in the trenches holds great value.  We are interpreters of culture, guides through the media landscape and providers of means to achieve influence or prominence.  We are equally adept in comfortable and calm, or crisis and chaos.   Our clients consist of Fortune 500’s, high-profile individuals and leading organizations.  Clients typically stay with Envoy for years, finding multiple applications for our uncommon skill set.  Envoy works with both domestic and international clients on issues both in the U.S. and abroad.  Envoy is ethical, trustworthy and candid.  We neither seek nor will shy from a fight.  Importantly, we know how to succeed and win and approach our assignments that way.

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    What We Do

    Envoy’s specialty is our ability to stay attuned to the shape-shifting confluence of culture, media and opinion that together drive public perception and cultural attitudes. We stay abreast of top issues and how they are being shaped in public discourse. It is this mix of perception and influence that forms the outlines of Envoy’s work. We right perception when it is wrong, build influence where it is missing, and find or create entry points into the public debate. When appropriate, we guide our clients to a position of significant influence and leadership over an issue.

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    Our Approach

    Envoy’s approach is uncomplicated and defined by achieving the end game.  We use all resources available to us, are not bound by past practices, and won’t hesitate to recommend help from a trusted network of outside experts when it will benefit our client.  We can work autonomously, as part of a team or as leader of a team.   We take confidentiality seriously just as we do being courteous and responsive.  Envoy does not draw attention to itself and often works quietly or even invisibly in the background at the request of our clients.

  • Expertise


    Envoy specializes in guiding our clients above the din to a clear and influential voice over the issues, topics and debates in which they engage.  We connect our clients to the right people and organizations, steer them to the right public exposure in public forums, media, and scholarship.  We bring others with similar or supporting views into the discussion.  Once developed, our clients are fully engaged and known as a progressive leader and authoritative voice guiding public dialogue.

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    Envoy’s media capabilities and relationships in all forms of high-profile, elite-level news media has few, if any, rivals. Collectively, Envoy’s team has over a century of senior level experience in news organizations and social media management. We know who, how and when whether the need is preparation, connection, analysis, mitigation, profiling, documentation or distribution.

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    Thought Leadership

    In our culture, thought leadership is necessary for any organization to take a forward position and influence public debate.  Yet thought leadership is not easily created, must have real and demonstrable substance behind it and requires a disciplined approach to achieve.  Envoy has assisted a number of organizations and individuals gain or enhance their standing as the progressive leader to follow in their field.

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    Opinion Research

    It is a service we believe in deeply as it can provide confidence of next steps in a high-stakes strategy and often will expose the critically important insight needed to make a difference. Envoy works with leading opinion research firms and enjoys close relationships with some of America’s top pollsters.

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    Crisis & Litigation

    Envoy is a trusted resource in a crisis who has been in the fight before and knows how the game is played.  With our heavy journalism experience we are a calm port in a media storm, a steady hand under pressure and a clear thinker amidst confusion.  We have guided multi-national corporations, high-profile individuals and leading organizations through the minefield of public comment and exposure during some of their most trying times including high-profile litigation and trial environments.

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